Yo Tshin Phot Tan Kasane – Myanmar

Yo Tshin Pot Tan Kasane Asia Myanmar Guessing game No props N.o.p.: 10
Two groups devided and sitting at both sides of the playground. One girl of a group moves forwards and holds the eyes closed of a sitting child. Then she calls out a –fake- name of the girl from the oppposite group to come forward and she touches with her hand on the head of the closed eyes girl. Then she returns, sits down with the group and then the girl may open her eyes and walks to the group to guess which girl had touched her on her head some moment before. Normally she make a wrong choice because she could not see the girl who had touched her. Now two times in a row the girls are making the right choice!! … Magic ??
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 2015