Switch – USA

Switch  N-America  USA  Running around game  No props  N.o.p.:  7 +
The game can be played  in a  4-square area, basketball court, or kickball field or any area where there is a square or rectangle.
There are five players in the game at one time and four of the players stand on the four corners of the area while the last player stands in the middle.
The player in the middle yells “switch” while trying to steal one of the corners/ place of another player.  No player  can switch to the middle, because that is only the starting position.
Whatever player does not have a corner after the person yelled “switch”  is out of the game and a new person comes in and stands in the middle and the  game starts again.
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 2012