Shi Kong Sui Dao – China

Shi Kong Sui Dao Asia China Playing with things Props: tubes, ping-pong balls N.o.p.: 10 >  A group of children stand in line and each of them has a tube in his hand. The first person in line (the tallest child of the group) lifts his tube with both hands in the air, connected with his neighbour’s tube, so all the tubes form a descending line, in which some ping-pong balls must be rolled. At the end of the tubes-line, almost near the ground, stands a box to catch the down rolling ping-pong balls. This game needs cooperating skills, controlling the always moving tubes and balls inside. How many balls will fall at the end in the box if you throw five balls at once at the start?

Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel
Editor: Timo Gilhuis
Shooting date: 2010