Schipper mag ik overvaren – The Netherlands

Schipper mag ik overvaren Europe The Netherlands Running around No props N.o.p.: 6
A group of children are going to play ‘Skipper may I cross’ and they have chosen a ‘skipper’. The other children are standing behind one of the two lines drawn on the ground. The ‘skipper’ is standing in the middle of the two lines. The children are singing a song in which they ask the skipper ‘to cross the sea’. If he says ‘yes’, then all children reply ‘how’? The skipper has to show how the other children must cross the sea. He shows them how to do the crossing: for example by holding one hand in your hair, or one hand on one foot, or hopping on one leg. Only in that way they must cross, but the skipper has to touch them in the same way! If the skipper answers’ no’ on the question ‘may I cross the sea’, then all children may run freely to the other side without being touched. Mostly, the first who is being touched will be the new skipper.

Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel
Editor: Timo Gilhuis
Shooting date: 1998