Jules Oosterwegel Most people still know about play. We all still have this “click” and craving for playfulness, but how is this manifested in other parts of the world? Jules collects children´s games from all over the world, and the goal is to save an old cultural heritage and motivate children to play more. How is play manifested in different cultures, and what similarities can be found in a global perspective? Some examples are shown during talking to him, which will highlight the importance of documenting children´s games for future generations.Have a nice PlayDay

About Jules Oosterwegel

One day while travelling he looked at playing children in Timor/ Indonesia and thought; why do I see this game but nobody else? So Jules did some research on outdoor children’s games, a lot of books published about the topic “children’s games”, but nowhere live action to be seen on film/video. Then his project was born: he started to film and collect children’s outdoor street games. Jules collected around 450 games and filmed in 30 countries, of which 377 are shown on kidsplaybbok.com.

In January 2016 Jules also released the Kidsplaybook App. This App can be downloaded from the Apple App store and google play store.

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