Paratii – Thailand

Paratii Asia Thailand Running around  No props N.o.p.: 10 >
On the ground the playfield is drawn with chalk, size about 10x 7 meters. Two groups of 4 children is chosen and every child is getting a number. One group is standing on the starting line, the other is inside the playfield. Two boys of the group on the starting line are chosen to follow the line, while hopping, to the other side of the playfield. Arrived over there, they now go, still hopping, inside the playfield and must try to reach their starting line. However, the other group standing already inside the playfield, must catch the hopping boys. If they succeed in doing that, then they must push the other leg of the hopping boys on the ground. Normally that’s not a problem while they are with two more boys in the playfield. At the other hand, the hopping boys may try to reach their starting line, even one leg on or over that line is enough to gain another time playing the same game. Before the game they decide what the rules are, e.g. how many points the hopping boys party gets when they reach the starting line again without being tagged. If the hopping boys don’t succeed in reaching the starting line, the other party takes over and starts the game again.

Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel
Editor: Timo Gilhuis
Shooting date: 1999