July 2019

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Jules Oosterwegel presents the new Kidsplaybook App:


November: I added 165 new games from many countries all over the world.

Speelgoedmuseum (Toy Museum) in Mechelen (Belgium).

In May a new exhibition was officially opened, called ‘Toy stories: intercultural playheritage’.Some of the games I filmed were presented here. (


In January and February 2015 I filmed in Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Cambodia.


I was invited at the Play Festival in Copenhagen.


I travelled through China and Hungary.


A short trip to the USA and it was not always easy to get permission to film at schools over there, but I’ve found some street games.

I was also filming in India and it was very special to be there.

August 2011 Next stop: China

I travelled by train from Beijing southwards into China. I visited several cities and some small villages.