Mon Chon Pa – Thailand

Mon chon pa Asia Thailand Playing with things Props : handkerchief N.o.p.: 10 >
A group of children sit in a circle. One child has the handkerchief and walks, during the singing of a song by all other children, outside the circle. Then, at a certain moment, she drops the handkerchief behind a child and she has to pick up the handkerchief as quick as possible and runs after the child who dropped it and must try to touch her. But the child who dropped the handkerchief runs also as fast as she can , trying not to be touched and going to sit on the place where the other girl, who runs after her, just sat. As soon as you sit down, you are safe. But if you are touched before you sit down, then the game starts all over and you must do it once again.

Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel
Editor: Timo Gilhuis
Shooting date: 1999