Koning boeren – The Netherlands

Koning Boeren Europe The Netherlands Ball game Props: a tennis ball N.o.p.: 5 +
This game is played by four children inside the playground and two children aside waiting for their turn to step in. Before starting the game, they make/draw a big square and divide this into four small squares. In every square stands a child and they use a tennis ball to play the game. Every player must hit the ball with his hand and before the ball is hit into a neighbour square, the ball must first bounce in your own square. If you receive a ball from another square it may bounce more than once in your own square before hitting it back, but most children don’t let the ball bounce too often, because then the ball loses speed and height and is therefore more difficult to hit into another square. It is fun to make feints, so that every player has to be very concentrated during this fast playing game. If you are unable to bounce the ball before you hit it into another square, then you are out and must change with a player who stands aside the playfield.
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 2000