Deweke – Botswana

Deweke Africa Botswana Playing with things Props: little (selfmade) ball, some smashed tins (cans) and a small tub (basin) N.o.p.: 3
Three children play this game, one in the middle and two at both sides of the playground. Also in the middle there is a small tub with some tins aside of it. The child in the middle has to take the tins between her feet and then throw these tins in the tub while jumping. In the mean while the two other children must try to throw off the child in the middle with the ball. If the ball hits her, then the child who hits her goes into the middle. The trick is not to be hit while standing in the middle and to try to get the tub full of tins. If the tub is full, then she throws out the tins and knocks with the tub on. the floor to show the others that she has completed one round.
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 1999