Corta corta – Bolivia

Corta corta S-America Bolivia Playing with things Props: rope, bottle top and nail N.o.p.: 2
Two kids play this game. First a bottle top will be hit flat with a stone and after that the side of the bottle top will be sharpened on the pavement. Next to this a whole is made with a nail in the bottle top, through which a small rope goes. In the rope a knot is tied so that the bottle top is inside the rope. The bottle top is placed in the middle of the rope so you can hold the rope in two hands. Then you spin the rope a few times so that the rope is twisted in itself and at a certain moment you pull with both hands at the same time the ends of the rope and then the bottle top is turning automatically. The other child is doing this procedure as well and then the trick of the game is to cut your opponents rope. The winner is he who succeeds to cut through the opponent’s rope. Be aware to take some extra rope with you!
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 1999