Cham Lok Lak – Cambodia

Cham Lok Lak Asia Cambodia Counting out Rhymes game No props N.o.p.: 6
Children stand in a circle and one child has his hand in an open position like he gets something. And that he does: all the surrounding children are pushing their forefinger in his hand while reciting some rhyme. At the end of the rhyme the boy who holds his hand ‘open’ must try to catch one of the many fingers. If he succeeds, it’s the boy’s turn who is caught. Before any game can begin, it is very important for children to choose who will be ‘it’ or ‘on’. But in many places nowadays this ‘pre-play’  counting out has become a game in itself.
Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel Editor: Timo Gilhuis Shooting date: 2015