Bolas Cruzadas – Peru

Bolas Cruzadas SAmerica Peru Playing with things Props: marbles N.o.p.: 2
Two boys play with four marbles. They draw a small circle on the ground and one of the boys starts the game by picking up the four marbles one by one between his fingers, but with his hand upside down.
Then he turns his hand and let the marbles softly fall exactly in the small circle. All marbles must stay in the circle. If one marble (or more) is out of the circle, then the other boy may try. If all marbles are in the circle, he will point out with which marble the opponent boy has to touch another marble first, as well as the order in which that should be done. When a marble rolls out of the circle after touching correctly, then it’s not a problem, that’s allowed in this game.

Director/camera: Jules Oosterwegel
Editor: Timo Gilhuis
Shooting date: 1999